Lets Make America Stupid Once More…

IMG_0018by Ray Sabb, Contributing

Sarasota, FL – August 31, 2016 – Lets Make America Stupid Once More should be Trumps battle cry. His remarks in the past months have been nothing but racist and demeaning to women, Latinos and to foreign governments.

Now lets put(in) this into perspective.

This  moronic candidate goes to Mexico, after disrespecting them in previous months and now he is kissing their butts.
Comes home and starts the same rhetoric up again about that freaking wall that Mexico is going to pay for when the Mexican President flat out said NOT!

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome President Two Face. Even more Republicans are distancing themselves from the king of slam. If anyone should be in prison it is Trump.
(Trump Baja, Taj Mahal Casino, Trump U and the list goes on.)

If I were his kids I would be ashamed of him. But I guess money can buy love or is it the Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!

Next will be a trip to Russia to meet with his buddy Vladimir Putin. If you go Trump, STAY.  Don’t come back you communist puppet.

Yesterdays antics by this CLOWN just sickens me to think  so many Americans can be so stupid as to endorse this guy.
It makes me think that 46% of Americans most likely to vote are a bunch of stupid people.

My wife said the reason I don’t like him is because I am a lot like him. I think not honey, I am honest and I didn’t steal millions of dollars from people or cause companies to go broke like he did.


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