I have never made it a secret. “I DO NOT LIKE TRUMP.”

I think that he is a pig, a racist, a self-centered fool and a narcissist. This is a man that has done well, I will hand that to him. Well, hand a million or two over to someone that can make it grow is no hard feat. Anyone can make it grow, just stick it in the bank.

My sticking points are like the Taj Mahal. It isn’t that he declared bankruptcy with the casino(s) it is the simple fact that he put a bunch of middle class hard working folks out of business along with his. The least he could have done is get them some contracts or help them to secure some contracts. Just reach out a bit. Sort of like the guy that was his vendor for the marble. Spent $3.9 Million and lost 3.2 million in the deal. Not bad business for him, bad business for Trump.All the time Trump knew he was going to Chapter 7 the Taj.

How about Trump Baja?  Sure; put down $100,000 for a cool retirement home on the beach the likes of what you’ve never seen. Uh huh, Trump walked away with a bunch of $$$ on that one too.

In the end, nothing at all was built at Trump Ocean Resort, and everyone lost their money. As did about 250 other buyers, most of them from Southern California.

All told, two years of aggressive marketing yielded $32.5 million in buyer deposits, every bit of it spent by the time Trump and his partners abandoned the project in early 2009 as the global economy was reeling. Most of the buyers sued them for fraud. – LA Times

Donald Trump was thundering about a minority group, linking its members to murderers and what he predicted would be an epic crime wave in America. His opponents raged in response—some slamming him as a racist—but Trump dismissed them as blind, ignorant of the real world.

“No, this is not a scene from a recent rally in which the Republican nominee for president stoked fears of violence from immigrants or Muslims. The year was 1993, and his target was Native Americans, particularly those running casinos who, Trump was telling a congressional hearing, were sucking up to criminals.” – Newsweek

“If [Indian gaming] continues as a threat, it is my opinion that it will blow. It will blow sky high. It will be the biggest scandal ever or one of the biggest scandals since Al Capone,” Trump said. “That an Indian chief is going to tell [mobster] Joey Killer to please get off his reservation is almost unbelievable to me.”

His words were, as is so often the case, incendiary. Lawmakers, latching onto his claim to know more than law enforcement about ongoing criminal activity at Indian casinos, challenged Trump to bring his information to the FBI. One attacked Trump’s argument as the most “irresponsible testimony” he had ever heard. Connecticut Governor Lowell Weicker Jr., whom Trump had praised in his testimony, responded by calling him a “dirtbag” and a bigot; Trump immediately changed his mind about the governor, proclaiming Weicker to be a “fat slob who couldn’t get elected dog catcher in Connecticut.” -Newsweek

I take exception to this as my mother was a full blooded Cherokee. Guess what, that makes me Native American. Another reason why I do not Like him.

He has had success in his failures and it worries me that as much as he has failed in business, how will his failing affect being the President of the United States. Can the USA declare Bankruptcy?

Bottomline is this, he is the President and as an old military guy; I do as our Presidents orders us to do. He is our Commander in Chief, I don’t have to like it, but because I am bound by a pledge and a sincere obligation to our country I will protect her. But if this President were to go to the front lines and pick up a rifle he is on his own. I will not protect him, I will not take a bullet for him and I will not shield him. He has brought shame to our election process, he has now brought shame to the Whitehouse.

So time will tell, if I am wrong about him then shame on me, but if I am right, shame on those who supported this clown.

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  • June 17, 2017 at 11:03 am

    Great commentary Ray. I agree also.


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