Milkshake overnighted for dying woman’s final wish

Sam Klein with Emily Pomeranz.
July 31 at 1:21pm ·

Klein writes on Facebook:
I want to share a great story with you about a place we all know and love: Tommy’s Restaurant on Coventry (in Cleveland Heights, OH). Tommy’s is famous for its incredible food and milkshakes. If you grew up on the east side of Cleveland, you have probably had the milkshakes. Although I now live in the Washington, D.C. area, I still get to Tommy’s every time I am in Cleveland. Recently, a dear friend of mine, Emily Pomeranz, who also grew up in Cleveland Heights (and also lived in the D.C. area) was moved to hospice as she had pancreatic cancer (her third cancer in her 50 years of life). I went to visit her in hospice a few weeks ago and asked her if she needed anything. “A Cleveland Indians hat,” was her first response. So, I brought her one the next day. And, she said with a smile, I wish I could have one more Tommy’s mocha milkshake. Knowing that she couldn’t travel to Cleveland, I emailed the general information email address on Tommy’s website, asking if there was a way to get a milkshake the 375 miles from Coventry Road to Arlington, Virginia where she was in hospice. A few days later I got a call from Tommy Fello, the owner of Tommy’s. “Yes. We will figure out a way to do this,” is what he said.

Sure enough, after a little research on shipping and two trips to the UPS office, he shipped a carefully packed Tommy’s mocha shake to Emily. This was a huge surprise. She was thrilled. She shared it with her family. She talked about it for days and days. She shared the story with her friends back in Cleveland and here in the D.C. area. It was something that made everyone smile. A woman’s request for one last milkshake from her favorite restaurant. Wish granted! Sadly, Emily passed away last week. She leaves behind a treasure trove of memories; a legacy of laughter, joy and caring; grieving family and friends. But, she was able to fulfill her wish of one last Tommy’s milkshake thanks to the caring and good heartedness of Tommy at Tommy’s. So, my friends, if you are in Cleveland Heights, or anywhere near there, please stop in at Coventry, order one of those incredible milkshakes and ask for Tommy (he is the one cooking in the middle of the restaurant) and say, “This one is for Emily. Thank you for sending one to her.”

Back story:

D.C. — Sam Klein and Tommy Fello had never met, but together they granted a dying woman her last wish.
Emily Pomeranz was battling pancreatic cancer and had to be moved to hospice. Her dear friend, Klein, came to visit her and asked if he could get her anything – anything to make her comfortable in this impossible situation she was in.

The two friends, now living in the D.C. area, had both grown up in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. And they were both very familiar with a local favorite, Tommy’s Restaurant.
Pomeranz smiled and told Klein that she wished she could have just one more Tommy’s mocha milkshake.

Klein was committed to granting his friend’s wish, but it would be a challenge. Tommy’s Restaurant was 375 miles away and the milkshake had to somehow stay frozen.
He reached out to the restaurant online, seeing if something could be coordinated. To his surprise, the owner of the restaurant, Mr. Tommy Fello himself, wrote back.
“We will figure out a way to do this,” Fello said.

And he did.

Fello shipped a carefully packed mocha shake overnight to Klein. Klein picked it up, and took it to Pomeranz. She was thrilled.

“She talked about it for days and days. She shared the story with her friends back in Cleveland and here in the D.C. area. It was something that made everyone smile.”

Sadly, Emily passed away four days later, leaving behind friends and family that will forever feel the loss of their beloved. But they are happy knowing she was able to enjoy something that gave her joy.

Klein is encouraging everyone to visit Tommy’s Restaurant in Cleveland Heights. And when you go, find the owner and tell him, “This one is for Emily. Thank you for sending one to her.”

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