Yank(ME) around will ‘ya….

by Ray Sabb

Sarasota, FL – Nov 11, 2017 – Have you noticed the politics this year? The way you get yanked around by the Republicans and the Democrats.

In the news today, Sessions considering appointing a special counsel to probe into the sale of Uranium and the Clinton Foundation.

First of all Mr. Sessions, regardless of the relationship Clinton has or had with the Uranium deal it was not an American owned company. It was a Canadian owned company so our interference with a Canadian companies business is not any of our business but the business of the Canadian Government.

And the Clinton Foundation, come on Sessions, there are better things for you to do than go on a witch hunt. Do your job or go home.

I and so many Americans are sick and tired of the 10 year old mentality that seems to abound with the current administration and many Republicans are tired of hearing it also. It seems that anything that Obama did and anything that Hillary did is grounds to destroy both the persons and their legacy.

‘The Donald’; has made it his mission in life ever since he started and funded the birther campaign to discredit President Obama. It is true that the Obamacare is flawed but guess what, it works to an extent, just have to fine tune it not disassemble it. Enhance it and call it your own Trump. Like buying a building and renovating it ya dummy.

Just get on with business instead of this petty bullshit we are seeing.

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